VMSD Magazine hosted its annual International Visual Competition this past month of July 2017 to commemorate the best of the best when it comes to different aspects of design and business coexisting together. This competition is specifically based on the visual presentations and retail designs of various businesses worldwide. For 23 years and counting, VMSD Magazine has produced and held this competition in order to award and recognize different retail establishments that go above and beyond to have beautiful and effective design integrated in an original manner throughout their retail locations.

Many notable companies have had big wins in the International Visual Competition this year and years past. Coach New York, the luxury fashion designer, won a few first place awards in a few different categories and also won the Best in Show award last year. This year, we at Level Up, your favorite local medical marijuana dispensary, beat Coach New York for the coveted Best in Show award!

It is our honor to accept VMSD Magazine’s award in their International Visual Competition, and we are humbled by the fact that they recognized our interior designer, Megan Stone, for our establishment’s design. Megan Stone, an interior designer who is also the founder and principal business owner of The High Road Design Studio, has been actively designing medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state of Arizona since 2013. She specializes in mixing the commonly expected with cannabis and oddly comfortable “hippie” atmosphere with top notch, upscale design to produce literal works of art that also function wonderfully as medical marijuana dispensaries. This is even more validated and confirmed by the fact that we won the Best In Show award for her amazing work.  It only makes sense that Megan is at the forefront of medical marijuana dispensary design in the Valley and our win at VMSD’s International Visual Competition this year only confirms the fact that she deserves to be there.

We will continue to win awards for our patients here at Level Up to continue to prove our dedication to provide you with the best and most comfortable service possible. A few months ago we also won second place at a SHOP! Design competition. We bring this up simply to establish that these awards are just a start to show how dedicated we are providing all the medical marijuana products and services that you need at the highest possible value.

Please contact us at Level Up Scottsdale anytime if you have any questions!